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February, 2016

  • 10 February

    Terrorist bombing in Masaken Barzeh, Damascus city

  • 9 February

    The army restored security and stability to Kefeen village, northern Aleppo

  • 9 February

    Al-Jaish wins Syria’s basketball cup

  • 8 February

    Al-Wahda women basketball team wins the Republic`s Cup ‏

  • 8 February

    Photo exhibition sheds light on Syrian cities after eliminating terrorism

  • 7 February

    The army restores security and stability to Mayer and Retyan towns, Aleppo countryside

  • 7 February

    Defense Minister visits army units in Attman town, Daraa countryside

  • 6 February

    popular protests in Ecuador against Erdogan’s visit

  • 5 February

    The army restores security to Atman town in northern Daraa

  • 4 February

    Syrian air force destroys terrorists’ command centers and vehicles in Atman, Daraa province