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June, 2021

  • 24 June

    Mashqita town in Lattakia countryside… one of the most popular tourist destinations

    Lattakia, SANA- Mashqita town, located nearly 23 km north of Lattakia, has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province for its richness in natural factors …

  • 11 June

    Ancient city in Jableh… archaeological witness to immemorial history

    Lattakia, SANA – The urban structure and archeological landmarks of Jableh ancient city, which is considered as one of the ancient cities in Syrian coastal area, are witness to the …

May, 2021

  • 4 May

    “Iftar while walking” …Ramadan Initiative that targets passers-by in Lattakia

    Lattakia, SANA-With vigor and vitality, Al-Bashaer Charitable Association volunteers go out a few minutes ahead sunset prayer, roaming Lattakia streets and neighborhoods to provide Iftar meal for passers-by and cars …

April, 2021

  • 23 April

    Bamboo industry lights up way of young man Eyad Khawandah

    Lattakia, SANA -Despite losing his sight, 37-year-old Eyad Khawandah rejected to surrender to feelings of frustration and despair and found in his favorite profession “bamboo industry” a way out of …

March, 2021

  • 9 March

    Locals of Qastal Ma’af region in Lattakia countryside return to their homes after dismantling the area from remains of terrorism

    Lattakia, SANA-Syrian citizens in Lattakia northern countryside returned to their villages in Qastal Ma’af region after dismantling it from the remains of terrorism. Residents of Zienzaf, Rayyana, Beit Ayush and …

February, 2021

  • 3 February

    How a displaced Syrian woman succeeded to launch her prosperous project?

    Lattakia, SANA – After she has been displaced from Aleppo city due to terrorism, Ena’am Shahin lived in Ayn al-Baida village, Lattakia countryside, along with her family where she opened …

January, 2021

  • 21 January

    Arnous discusses with MPs means to improve service, developmental situation in Lattakia

    Damascus, SANA-The meeting of the Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, with members of the People’s Assembly, who represent Lattakia province, focused on the need to exert intensified efforts to improve the …

  • 20 January

    Snow in al-Khamila village in Slenfah district, Lattakia countryside

    Lattakia, SANA- Snow fell on Tuesday in al-Khamila village in Slenfah district, Lattakia countryside.

December, 2020

  • 27 December

    More than SYP 6 billion distributed to those affected by fires in Lattakia countryside   

    Damascus, SANA- Syria Trust for Development has finished the main stage of distributing financial donations in Lattakia Province as it has distributed SYP 6.2 billion. In a statement, the Syria …

  • 15 December

    Al-Sarraj Village … a beauty hiding between ancient rivers and castles

    Lattakia, SANA_ The visitor of al-Sarraj village does not know what dazzles him most, is it the charming nature and the fresh air or the pine and oak forests spread …