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Reality of Events

December, 2021

  • 2 December

    Hasaka deprived of water for 7th day as Turkish-linked terrorists attack power lines  

    Hasaka, SANA –Hasaka city suffers from water shortage for the 7th day as turkey-linked terrorists attack the high voltage lines which supply power to Alouk water station. “Turkish-occupation mercenaries still …

  • 2 December

    Two young men injured in blast of a landmine in Homs countryside

    Homs, SANA- Two young men were seriously injured in blast of a landmine left behind by terrorists in the area of al-Shumariya Mountains in Homs eastern countryside. Local sources told …

  • 2 December

    Popular factions continue their attack against QSD militants, one killed, two injured

    Hasaka, SANA- A gunman of US occupation-backed QSD militia was killed and two others were injured in an attack on its barricade in al-Yaroubiyah countryside, northeast of Hasaka. Local sources …

  • 2 December

    Four civilians, including woman kidnapped in Afrin, Aleppo countryside

    Aleppo, SANA- The Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries kidnapped four civilians, including a woman in Afrin area, Aleppo northern countryside The Turkish occupation forces and terrorist groups of the …

  • 1 December

    Turkish occupation kidnaps three civilians in Raqqa countryside

    Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist organizations have kidnapped three civilians, including a woman, in al- Hawija village in the northern countryside of Raqqa Local sources …

  • 1 December

    Two civilians injured in explosive device’s blast in Aleppo countryside

    Aleppo, SANA-Two civilians were injured on Wednesday due to an explosive device’s blast in the vicinity of al-Bab city, which is controlled by the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist …

  • 1 December

    Two US occupation vehicles burned in explosive device blast, Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA-An explosive device went off while a convoy of the US occupation trucks laden with logistic materials was passing in al-Malikiya area, Hasaka countryside as two trucks were burned. …

November, 2021

  • 30 November

    Turkish occupation mercenaries steal power cables in Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations continued to loot the public properties and peoples’ properties in the occupied villages of Ras al-Ayn in Hasaka northwestern …

  • 30 November

    After scandal of its concealment truth, US Army opens investigation into al-Baghouz massacre

    New York, SANA- After the scandal of the US occupation army’s concealment of the truth of the massacre committed against civilians in Syria two years ago, US Secretary of Defense …

  • 29 November

    One citizen martyred in brutal assault by Turkish occupation soldiers, Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- One citizen was martyred as the Turkish occupation forces’ soldiers assaulted him brutally and deliberately in the vicinity of al-Arada village, Hasaka northern countryside. The soldiers of the …