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September, 2014

  • 14 September

    82 centers at universities and institutes begin accepting students’ applications

    Damascus, SANA – The 82 registration centers set up by the Ministry of Higher Education at universities and higher education institutes began accepting applications for the 2014-2015 academic year. Inspecting …

  • 13 September

    More than 4.3 million students begin new school year

    Damascus, SANA – Students in Syria began the new school year on Sunday September 14th, the date set by the government after finishing all necessary preparations to ensure that the …

  • 7 September

    New batch of students graduate from National Center for Excellent Students

    Damascus, SANA – Under the patronage of Mrs. Asma al-Assad, a graduation ceremony for the third batch of students of the National Center for Excellent Students was held at Damascus …

August, 2014

  • 30 August

    For the 1st time, Syrian Science Olympiad holds competitions for teachers

    Damascus/Lattakia, SANA – The Syrian Science Olympiad held Saturday competitions for teachers in the provinces of Damascus and Lattakia with 344 participants. The competitions, organized by the National Commission for …

  • 17 August

    Caretaker Minister of Higher Education discusses plan for inaugurating Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery departments at al-Mwasat and al-Assad University Hospital

    Damascus, SANA – Caretaker Minister of Higher Education Malik Ali discussed with the directors of university hospitals and deans of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Damascus University means …

  • 11 August

    President al-Assad issues decree establishing the Syrian Electronic School

    Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Monday issued legislative decree no. 34 for 2014 on establishing a public-sector establishment named the Syrian Electronic School. The Syrian Electronic School is …

  • 7 August

    Higher Education Minister: Applying theoretical science help reconstruct new Syria

    Damascus, SANA – Caretaker Minister of Higher Education Malek Ali said Thursday that Syria will come out of the crisis victorious thanks to its people who believe in science and …

July, 2014

  • 23 July

    Decree grants first year university students an extra exams session

    Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued decree no. 231 on granting an extra exams session for first year university students who failed any subject during the 2013-2014 …

  • 22 July

    Syria wins appreciation award in international Olympiad for physics

    Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Scientific Olympiad has gained a new international scientific achievement, when the student Osama Qarqout got an  appreciation award in the international Olympiad for physics that …

  • 20 July

    “Green Road for Bicycles” project is in full swing

    Damascus, SANA – The University of Damascus, in cooperation with the Islamic al-Baraka Bank Syria, launched Sunday the second phase of “Green Road for Bicycles” project within the university’s campus …