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Erdogan: Washington has been providing thousands of weapon-laden trucks to terrorists in Syria

Ankara, SANA – President of Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that the US delivered thousands of trucks loaded with weapons to the terrorists operating in Syria, whom Washington calls …

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Zakharova: Those who insist on prerequisites are pushing towards playing into the terrorists’ hands

Moscow, SANA –The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated on Thursday its support for the Syrian state in the face of terrorism, with Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova saying that Russia is concerned …

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US to change training program of “Syrian moderate opposition”

Washington, SANA- US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced on Friday that the US President Barack Obama had agreed on making few changes to the training program of the so called …

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US committed to supporting terrorists, sets a date for training them

Washington, SANA – US Pentagon announced that its program to train what it calls “moderate opposition” in Syria will begin within four to six weeks, in a new step that …

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