Presidency refutes all rumors about President al-Assad’s health, affirms he is in excellent health and carrying out his work normally

Damascus, SANA – The Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic refuted all rumors and news about the health of President Bashar al-Assad, affirming that they are absolutely incorrect and that President al-Assad is in excellent health and carrying out his work normally.

The Presidency said that the Syrian people have become immunized against such lies that have been plentiful since the beginning of the war on Syria, asserting that such lies are no more than dreams and attempts to raise flagging morale, and that they only illicit ridicule and mockery.

The Presidency said that the source of these rumors are sides and newspapers of known affiliation and funding, noting that these rumors coincide with changes on the ground and in politics that run contrary to what certain sides have been planning for Syria during the past years.

Hazem Sabbagh

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