National Reconciliation Symposium…al-Sayyed: Syria strong against conspiracy

Damascus, SANA – Participants at a symposium of “National Reconciliation and its role in ending the crisis within the framework of President Bashar al-Assad’s Oath-taking discourse”, stressed the impact of religious, political and moral reconciliation and the role of clergymen in turning it to reality on the ground.

Caretaker Minister of Religious Endowments, Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, affirmed the need for national reconciliation to be held on right religious basis which prevents enemies from using religion according to their interests.


The Minister added that Syria is strong against the foreign-backed brutal terrorist Takfiri aggression imposed on the country thanks to its peoples’ awareness and nationalisms.

“All heavenly religions and prophets’ massages were based on preserving peoples’ lives and protecting their countries,” the Minister said.

President of the Levant Scholars’ Union Mohammad Tawfik Ramadan al-Bouti affirmed that those who conspired against the country and used the religion for their acts, attacked homeland and Islamic religion at the same time.


He added that the country could achieve national reconciliation with its social dimensions to find a coherent community that could repel all conspiracies against Syria.

B. Mousa/ Mazen

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