Maintenance teams enter al-Figeh spring to repair it and begin pumping water to Damascus soon

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Governor of Damascus Countryside Ala’a Ibrahim affirmed on Friday that maintenance teams entered al-Figeh spring in Wadi Barada area to rehabilitate it, adding that swift measures will be taken in order to begin pumping water to Damascus as soon as possible.

Speaking to reporters in Deir Qanon town in Wadi Barada, the Governor said that after the cutting off of the water supply for the city of Damascus for almost a month, the maintenance workshops have now reached al-Figeh spring and the water will return to Damascus City as it was before very soon, adding that the work will continue day and night to repair damage within three days.

The Governor revealed that a settlement operation was reached in the area thanks to the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army and without any external party, adding that the details of the settlement are similar to the reconciliations that took place in other areas in Damascus Countryside, and according to it, the legal status of willing militants will be settled as they lay down their arms, while other militants from Jabhat al-Nusra who reject the settlement will be evacuated via Idleb road through the buses that arrived to the area.

He added that there are contacts with some militants positioned in some areas that have not been open to communication urging them to surrender their weapons to rid Wadi Barada fully from militants.

For his part, Minister of Water Resources Nabil al-Hassan said that the Ministry’s teams entered the area and they will be divided into three groups: the first one will head directly to al-Figeh spring, the second will head to al-Harosh spring, and the third will assess the damage that affected the pipelines.

He affirmed that maintenance operations will start immediately and work will be continuous until Damascus city is supplied with water.
In turn, Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuheir Kharboutli pointed out that electricity maintenance teams are in the area along with the water maintenance teams to assess the damage to the electricity network in the area.

He pointed out that repairs will be conducted very quickly, affirming that the teams will not return to Damascus until the electricity system is restored to the way it was in order to run the pumps of the main station of al-Figeh spring.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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