Local reconcilations targeting 1200 gunmen launched in Damascus southwestern countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – 200 gunmen had their legal status settled in a number of villages and towns in the southwestern countryside of Damascus.

SANA reporter said 200 gunmen from Beit Saber, Beit Tima, Saasaa al-Gharbiyeh, Hassno and Kafar Hour in the western part of Damascus Countryside had turned themselves in and handed over their weapons to the authorities and pledged to not get involved in any act that might harm the homeland’s security in the future.

Chairman of the Local Reconciliation Committee in the countryside of Damascus and Daraa Mou’men Jarida said said the region will be fuly cleared of gunmen and arms so that the state establishments will operate normally again.

He noted that local reconciliations will be soon launched in the southern and western countryside of Quneitra province and reach the southern countryside of Daraa province.

For his part, Chairman of the Military Security Department’s branch in Saasaa Brigadier General Osama Zahreddine said local reconciliations in these towns have been launched in implementation of the Syrian government’s policy of boosting Syrian-Syrian dialogue as a solution to the crisis.

He noted that around 1200 gunmen are targeted through these reconciliations, highlighting the important location of Saasaa area as it will form a springboard for more local reconciliations and contribute to boosting confrontation with the terrorist organizations linked to the Israeli enemy in the coming stage.

Ministry of Justice said that legal files of more than 4746 persons were settled during the past year in the framework of local reconciliations and in accordance with the laws in force and the Amnesty Decree No 15, particularly in the villages and towns of Damascus Countryside with the aim of evacuating them of weapons and gunmen in preparation for returning the state institutions to Damascus Countryside.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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