People’s Assembly discusses Information Ministry’s performance

Damascus, SANA-The People’s Assembly discussed on Thursday during its 20th session for the first ordinary round of the 2nd legislative term, headed by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas, the performance of the Ministry of Information.

Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman touched in his speech on the latest developments in Aleppo city, saying “the last batch of terrorists are now leaving Aleppo city.”

He indicated that “terrorists had destroyed their own headquarters and burned their documents, tanks and vehicles before they left.”

By liberating Aleppo, Tourjman said, the Syrian army has delivered on its commitments and will continue to liberate the entire Syrian lands from terrorists, including Palmyra, Deir Ezzour, Idleb and Raqqa.

The minister highlighted in his speech the role of the Syrian national media in confronting obscurantist ideology and the aggression targeting Syria which seeks to divide it and undermine its culture.

“Since day one, national media has been at the forefront of the battles against the aggression,” he added.

Responding to criticism pointed at the performance of national media, Tourjman called for “waiting till the end before passing a judgment,” adding that the Syrian media has “stood up alone to hostile media empires armed to teeth with cash, weapons and expertise.”

The minister said the national media is credited for describing what has been happening in Syria as “terrorism” since day one. “Today, the term has become a catchword in the majority of global channels and newspapers,” which, he said, is deemed a success for Syrian national media.

The minister pointed to repeated targeting of national media whose cadres and infrastructure have been under attack, with Syrian media channels taken off air.

“Had national media not been influential, all these measures wouldn’t have been taken to fight it,” he added.

Media has to be a link between citizens and officials, and to turn the spotlight on the state institutions’ activities and events, the minister added.

“One of the roles attributed to media is making public opinion, which is an extremely important and tough task. To achieve this, we have been studying means to invigorate the media sector and move it forward,” the minister added.

“The toughest challenge ahead is to prepare media cadres for the next stage of reconstruction, that’s why the ministry has been engaged in hectic efforts to be up to the challenge,” the minister added.

The minister pointed to improvements in the work of national media outlets due to a string of “bold decisions” to upgrade the media sector. “Events are now being reported and broadcast within a few minutes after being verified, without procrastination, no matter what the event or news is,” the minister said.

The MPs highlighted in their speeches the important role of media in confronting the aggression against Syria and hostile media outlets, stressing its role in consolidating the battlefield gains of the Syrian army against terrorism.


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