Patriarch Yazigi: Syria’s resilience comes from its people, army and leadership

Homs, SANA – Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East John X Yazigi presided upon prayers at St. George Monastery in Wadi al-Nadara area in Homs province.

In his sermon during the ceremony, Patriarch Yazigi said that Syria’s resilience comes from its people, army, and leadership, rejecting the idea of intolerance controlling the relationship between Muslims and Christians and Syria whose people never embraced the takfiri mentality throughout history.

Patriarch Yazigi 2

He stressed that the Prophet Mohammad instructed that Christians be protected and treated well, with the Monastery itself housing a priceless written letter containing these instructions, wondering what instructions did those who claim to be Muslims follow when they targeted the Christians in Maaloula and Mosul.

Patriarch Yazigi asked how the world can turn a blind eye to the abduction of bishops John and Paul and to the abduction and displacement of Christians in Iraq, stressing that the Christians of the Middle East will remain in their homeland, even in heart if circumstances force them to leave temporarily.

He asserted that Syria will remain a place of light, hope, and faith in its good people.

This prayer is part of the Patriarch’s visit to Wadi al-Nadara which will continue until September 3. During this visit, he will preside upon masses on occasion of the Feast of Dormition, in addition to inaugurating the shrine of St. John the Baptist and laying the cornerstone of al-Hosn Patriarchal Hospital.

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