Jobex expo for employment and job opportunities kicks off in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – The Jobex expo for employment and job opportunities, organized by Masarat for Expos and Conferences and sponsored by Syriatel and the Arab International University (AIU), kicked off on Saturday at al-Jala’a Sports Complex in Damascus.


Around 50 companies working in the banking, industrial, commercial, and services sectors are participating in the expo, which is organized in cooperation with the Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions (PEIFE) and MTN, and which allows job seekers to get in touch with companies and submit job applications to them directly.

Director General of the PEIFE Fares Ahmad al-Kartali said this expo is an important opportunity that benefits both job seekers and companies.

Meanwhile, Nawar Ibrahim from the media department at Syriatel said the expo is part of the company’s constant efforts to help youths find jobs and improve their careers, while planning and employment officer at Syriatel Wadi’a Ma’rawi said the company has a special program for assisting students and employing them in a manner that achieves balance between their studies at the university and work.

In a similar statement, Masarat director Anas Zubian said that the expo offers a total of 1,500 job opportunities ranging from administrative work to vocational employment, while public relations officer at the AIU Hala Hanna said the expo puts job seekers in touch with the largest possible number of companies with job vacancies.

Hazem Sabbagh

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