Shaaban: Syrian government ready to resume intra-Syrian talks

Moscow, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban stressed Syria’s readiness to resume intra-Syrian dialogue under one condition that the other side expresses its readiness in this regard.

Shaaban was quoted by TASS news agency in an interview with Rossiya 24TV channel as saying “We are absolutely ready to resume talks, under the condition the other side is also ready. Moreover, we are now moving in a very important direction: the national reconciliation,” adding that certain progress has been made in this regard.

“The problem with the opposition is that every part is receiving money from foreign parties – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. This is not at all a national opposition. Those are foreign agents. Those were terrorists, backed by the West, who are responsible for the fact that the humanitarian pause was not successful,” Shaaban continued.

She noted that the West is making use of the situation in the Middle East to achieve its strategic goals in the region, adding “They want us to become again countries of different religious affiliations, but we are national countries that want to remain strong countries, capable of protecting themselves and their civilization.”

Shaaban said that the Syrian government has announced its agreement to the cessation of hostilities but the US is the one who breached it and launched airstrikes on Syrian military sites. “Therefore, the humanitarian pause not being implemented is not the fault of the Syrian government or Russia, but of terrorists who are backed by the western countries.”

She added that the West has realized that” it cannot impose its will to Syria or any other country” in the emerging multipolar world.

The Presidential Advisor welcomed the Russian initiative on a Marshall plan for Mideast to help war-affected states restore their economies, adding “Such national plan is the only way to save and restore our country. That will be a great contribution to the development of Syria, Middle East and to ensuring peace and security in the whole world.”

R. Raslan/Manal

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