IPU calls for respecting Syria’s territorial integrity

Geneva, SANA -The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) called for respecting Syria’s territorial integrity and revive the Russian-US agreement on the cessation of hostilities reached on the 9th of September.

In a statement issued Wednesday on the humanitarian situation in Syria as part of the 135th meeting of the IPU Assembly, the IPU urged the US, Russia and all parties concerned to resume serious dialogue to reach a political solution to the crisis, respect Syria’s territorial integrity and end this war which claim the lives of men, women and children.

According to Sputnik, The statement called for immediate halting of attacks against the Syrian people and infrastructure, in addition to lifting the siege imposed on certain cities and putting an end to forced displacement.

It also stressed the need to allow representatives of humanitarian organizations to enter besieged areas and provide assistance to people in need there.

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, supported by Washington, has prevented families from leaving Aleppo eastern neighborhoods through humanitarian corridors which were specified by the Syrian army.

The 135th meeting of the IPU Assembly is currently held in Geneva with the participation of MPs from 138 countries.



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