Performance of Social Affairs and Labor Ministry discussed in People’s Assembly

Damascus, SANA- People’s Assembly held Thursday the seventh session of the second ordinary round chaired by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas, discussing the performance of Social Affairs and Labor Ministry.

During the session, Speaker Abbas affirmed that the Turkish regime since the beginning of the crisis in Syria has opened the borders for mercenary terrorists and supported them with money and weapons, noting that the interventions of Erdogan’s regime in the region are for Turkish purposes and not to fight against ISIS terrorist organization.

Abbas added that combating terrorism on the Syrian territory from any part should be in coordination with the Syrian government.

the MPs called for activating the work of the General Establishment for Social Insurance and taking care of martyrs and wounded families and the rights of the state’s workers and their compensations, especially work-related injuries and deaths, asserting the importance of role of the ministry in positive intervention in society and rural development and to provide subsidies to families affected by the crisis.

Responding to the MPs’ questions, Social Affairs and Labor minister Rima al-Qadiri said that taking care of martyrs and wounded families is a priority for the ministry, adding that the ministry is determined to implement “Beit al-Jarih” project for the rehabilitation of the wounded persons and offer health, psychological and social services to them.

She noted that the ministry is working with Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry and other bodies to address the begging and homelessness phenomenon in addition to activating the central board for people with disabilities to improve the financial situation of those people in cooperation with 75 associations related to this issue.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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