People’s Assembly discusses performance of Local Administration and Environment Ministry

Damascus, SANA-The People’s Assembly held on Sunday its third session of the second ordinary round, chaired by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas, discussing the performance of the Local Administration and Environment Ministry and the issues related to its work.

The Assembly members touched on a number of issues including the need to bring those behind the fires in the coastal mountainous areas to account, ensuring services for the industrial cities and developing the local administration law.

Responding to the Assembly members’ queries, Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf affirmed that the ministry is working to address service and relief issues of concern to citizens, adding that the top priority today is to provide salaries for the employees in the ministry, mainly in administrative units, which are lacking in resources.

About the reconstruction stage, the minister pointed out that SYP 8 billion has been allocated as a compensation for public damage and SYP 3 billion to compensate for the damage caused to private properties in the provinces and providing emergency subsidies to the provinces.

Speaking about the relief work, Makhlouf affirmed that there are around 5 million persons who benefit from the aid of High Relief Committee and its sub-committees, adding that the main role in the relief work is carried out by the government.

He noted that the number of the ministry’s martyrs reaches 1600 in addition to 2000 injured persons, 171 kidnapped persons, 1100 damaged vehicles and 400 stolen vehicles.

The minister noted that the ministry will support Aleppo city Council to repair vehicles, roads and infrastructure and to compensate for the damage.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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