Industry Ministry proposes making training centers into production centers

Damascus, SANA – The Industry Ministry drafted a proposition for transforming Ministry-affiliated vocational training centers into production facilities while maintaining their educational function.

Administrative Director at the Ministry Ali Yousef told SANA’s correspondent that this idea involves these centers producing services and products related to their fields, providing income for their students, staff, and the state treasury.

Training and Rehabilitation Director at the Ministry Firas Zakaraya said these centers would provide contract work for third parties to manufacture products and provide services, and the funds provided by this process will go to equipping the centers, covering expenditures, bonuses for staff members, and salaries for students, with the possibility of opening retail outlets when needed.

He noted that the vocational training centers, which currently receive those who wish to receive quick and free training in the fields of electronics, mechanics, metallurgy, construction, carpentry, textiles, administrative work, IT, English language, and handicrafts, will continue provide their educational services at the same current level if the proposition goes through.

H. Sabbagh

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