Ambassador Ala calls on UN to stop ignoring impacts of coercive measures on Syrians

Geneva, SANA- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala called on the United Nations and its affiliated organizations to stop ignoring the impacts of unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and the terrorism which is responsible for the difficult humanitarian conditions in Syria.

Ala, in a statement at a meeting organized by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to discuss the humanitarian conditions in Syria and the neighboring countries, said that the politicized approaches of the humanitarian situation in Syria have become a consistent pattern in the reports and statements of the UN officials in harmony with the acts of states that adopt a hostile attitude towards the Syrian people.

He added that last Monday was a bloody day as tens of the Syrian citizens had lost their lives while many others got injured due to six terrorist bombing attacks on the provinces of Tartous, Homs, Damascus Countryside and Hasaka.

Ala affirmed that such attacks are examples of the crimes against the Syrian people by the armed terrorist groups, backed by the governments of neighboring, regional and international countries which support these groups and insist on describing them as “moderate groups”.

He pointed out to the great efforts exerted by the Syrian government to combat terrorism as it’s the main reason for the humanitarian crisis, adding that the Syrian government continuously cooperates with the humanitarian organizations affiliated to the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to meet the needs of Syrian citizens in all Syrian areas without discrimination.

The ambassador pointed out that the briefings cited by the representatives of OCHA and other humanitarian agencies lack key points to understand the humanitarian situation, noting that although the exceptional conditions that Syria is passing through, the Syrian government offers 75% of the relief aid with the response to the humanitarian needs of its citizens.

He said that the cooperation of Syrian government with the humanitarian agencies offered aid for more than 4 million citizens in the framework of the monthly response plans, and it delivered aid to more than 1.5 million citizens since the beginning of 2016 and until 22nd of August.

Ala said that the deliberate negligence of the deteriorating living and health conditions of locals in Kafriya and al-Foaa towns and the suffering from hunger, thirst and being targeted daily with various types of random shells fired by the armed terrorist groups are a model for the selectivity in the humanitarian response to the needs in various areas of Syria.

Ala affirmed that the estimated numbers related to the needs in different areas of Syria must be based on reliable and credible assessments in coordination with the Syrian government.

He said that the success of the political solution based on the intra- Syrian dialogue, led by a Syrian leadership,  without any external interference and improving the humanitarian situation depend largely on creating an international environment that would lead to international and regional commitment to combating terrorism seriously and in full coordination and partnership with the Syrian government.

Qabas/ Manar/Mazen

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