Russia voices serious concern over Turkish aggression on Syrian territory

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Foreign Ministry voiced serious concern over the aggression carried out by Turkish forces and armed groups supported by these forces on Syrian territory, calling on Ankara to refrain from taking any steps that undermine the situation in Syria.

A statement issued by the Ministry on Wednesday said that Turkey’s actions in Syria are carried out without consent from the legitimate Syrian authorities and without the approval of the Security Council, thereby infringing on Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity which makes Damascus’ position just and correct in terms of international law.

The Ministry said that Turkish actions could further complicate the situation in Syria, and they could have negative ramifications on international efforts for reaching a settlement, calling on Turkey to give priority to bolstering the cessation of combat activities, delivering humanitarian aid, supporting reconciliation, and putting an end to the crisis.

The Turkish regime carried out an aggression on Syrian soil in Jarablos area in Aleppo countryside under the pretense of fighting ISIS, in addition to sending terrorist groups trained in Turkey to supplant ISIS.

Hazem Sabbagh

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