Authorities arrest an armed robbery gang in Hama Countryside

Hama, SANA- The Criminal Security Department in Hama province on Monday arrested a gang that committed crimes of killing, kidnapping and armed robbery, and intimidated the citizens in Mhardeh in the northwestern countryside of Hama central province.

Hama Police Chief Gen. Ashraf Taha told SANA reporter that after precise monitoring processes, the personnel of the Security Department were able to arrest four of the gang’s members who were exploiting the current circumstances to commit crimes of kidnapping and robbery in Mhardeh after raiding their dens, adding that individual weapons were found in their possession.

Gen. Taha added that after interrogating members of the gang, they confessed that they committed 10 crimes of killing, armed robbery and kidnapping in different areas in the northwestern countryside of Hama, indicating that investigation is underway to arrest the rest of the gang’s members to be prosecuted according to the laws in force.

On June 25th, the authorities concerned arrested a gang that committed crimes of killing and armed robbery on the road of Mhardeh-Deir Shmail in the western countryside of Hama province.

R.J/ Ghossoun

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