Syria and China discuss bilateral relations and cooperation

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis discussed with Chinese Ambassador in Damascus Wang Kejian on Sunday the need to invest in the historical and strategic relations between Syria and China by enhancing cooperation in economic fields.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed mechanisms of developing opportunities for joint cooperation in economic and trade fields, in addition to providing equipment, materials and supplies needed by various sectors as well as boosting investments by Chinese companies in the reconstruction phase.

Premier Khamis expressed thanks and appreciation to the Chinese government and people for their continued support of the Syrian people through political efforts in the Security Council and other international forums and at the economic humanitarian levels, in addition to the Syrian government’s appreciation for the efforts made by the Chinese Ambassador to develop and enhance bilateral relations, particularly his role in supporting the electricity sector.

In turn the Chinese Ambassador offered on behalf of the Chinese Premier congratulations to Khamis for assuming his post, expressing confidence in the successful efforts exerted by the Syrian government for the development of bilateral relations, noting that the political side of the Syrian issue is moving towards Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

The Chinese Ambassador expressed the Chinese government’s appreciation of the cooperation prospects of and the facilitations provided by the Syrian government for the Chinese companies and friendly countries in the reconstruction phase, which will contribute to remarkable development on political and economic levels.

In the same context, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmad al-Qadri discussed with Ambassador Wang Kejian prospects of agricultural cooperation between the two countries and ways of developing it.


Al-Qadri stressed the need to develop economic relations and trade exchange with China and to activate agreements of joint cooperation in the scientific and technical fields, particularly with regard to pesticides, silk worms, fruit trees and agricultural machinery.

He referred to the production grants recently provided to some areas by China, saying the grants were very helpful to farmers as they targeted poor and low-income villagers.

In turn, the Chinese Ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to provide all forms of support to the agricultural sector in Syria to effectively contribute to its recovery.

In mid June, the Chinese Embassy, under two protocols, delivered to the coastal Tartous province agricultural supplies to farmers and humanitarian aid, including wheelchairs, to needy and terrorism-affected people.

Qabas/ H. Said / Hazem Sabbagh

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