Syria wins a gold medal and a bronze one in Asia International Children Sports in Russia

Moscow, SANA- Syrian athlete Loris Dannon on Monday won the gold medal in 800 race within the Asian International Children Sports Games hosted by Sakha Yakutia Republic in Russia.

Dannon, who earlier won the silver medal in1,500 race, finished the race in 2,11 minutes.

Athlete Alisa Taqi Eddin ranked third and get the bronze medal in 100 meters hurdles.

Last Thursday, the 6th Asian International Sports Games kicked off in Sakha Yakutia city and will continue till July 17 with the participation of 2000 athletes from 39 countries.

Syria is participating in the event with 50 players in 11 games, including boxing, judo, Kurash, Sambo, chess, ping-pong, wrestling, athletic, archery, swimming and taekwondo.

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