Syrian teams begin competitions in the Sixth Children of Asia International Sports Games in Russia

Moscow, SANA-Three of Syria’s national teams began their competitions in the Sixth Children of Asia International Sports Games hosted by Sakha Republic in Russia.

The Sixth Children of Asia International Sports Games kicked off in Yakutsk city on July 6 and will continue till July 17 with the participation of 2000 athletes from 39 countries.

The Syrian swimmer Nader Nabulsi participated in the 200m butterfly and ranked 9 among 15 swimmers who participated in the race, clocking 2:22:18.

Ayman Nimer, the swimming team coach, said that Nabulsi has put up a good performance taking into account the general level of the Syrian swimming and the differences between it and some of the participant countries such as China and Russia, adding that Swimmer Nabulsi will participate in the race of 400m medley while Swimmer Sham Nimer who is the youngest participant, will participate in the 200m medley.

In table tennis individual competitions in which players from 15 countries participated, Syrian table tennis players had not fared good enough to win as the lot pitted them against players from China, which has an established reputation for being one of the best countries in the sport, but they managed to show a high level of competitiveness.


In chess competitions, Syrian player Manar Khalil lost to a Russian competitor and Malek Kawnalli to a rival from Azerbaijan.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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