Results of Secondary School certificate final exams announced-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA – Education Ministry published on its website on Saturday the results of the Baccalaureate (secondary school) final examinations for the scientific, literary, Sharia (Islamic Education) and vocational branches.

Caretaker Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz said in a press conference following the announcement of the results that 93524 students took the final exams of the scientific branch of Baccalaureate (12th grade) certificate, with 63348 passing at a percentage of 67.72 %.

In the literary branch, 30824 students passed out of 60706 who took the exams with a percentage 50.78 %. The passing percentage for Sharia is 63.64, as 896 out of 1408 students passed the exams, according to al-Waz.

The passing percentages for the vocational branches are as follows: 69.17 % for women’s arts branch, 68.95 % for industrial branch and 55.05% for commercial branch, al-Waz added.

R.Milhem/Mazen/H. Said

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