Drone and polymeric nanofibers production projects presented at Syrian Science Olympiad forum

Damascus, SANA – The National Center for Distinguished Students displayed a number of scientific projects, including a drone design project and polymeric nanofibers production project in front of the Syrian Science Olympiad students.

The presentation took place at a scientific forum to prepare the Olympiad national teams for international participations, held at the Daughters of Martyrs School in Damascus.

The students Ali al-Riyahi, Adnan Saud, Nada Salman and Sara Habeeb presented a comprehensive overview of the four-fan drone project and explained the work mechanism of the drone.

The students reviewed their drone’s main uses, including taking pictures and pinpointing targets, pointing out that the drone can handle 2 kg of load and it can be remote-controlled and soar for 15 minutes and later for 25 minutes.

Another project of producing poly (lactic-acid) nanofibers was presented by the students Amal Abu Tik, Rana Mansour, Zain Noufal, Amani Sheikhani and Sara Nasser.

The nanofibers are an exciting new class of material used for several value added applications such as filtration, barrier, wipes, personal care, composite, garments, insulation, and energy storage. Special properties of nanofibers make them suitable for a wide range of applications from medical to consumer products and industrial to high-tech applications for aerospace, capacitors, transistors, drug delivery systems, battery separators, energy storage, fuel cells, and information technology.

Nanofibers are also used in medical applications, which include, drug and gene delivery, artificial blood vessels, artificial organs, and medical facemasks. For example, carbon fiber hollow nano tubes, smaller than blood cells, have potential to carry drugs in to blood cells.

The polymeric nanofibers produced by the students can be used for replacing damaged blood vessels and repairing wounds, in addition to other uses related to gas sensors and industrial filtering.

Reem/H. Said

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