Minister Haidar stresses importance of national reconciliations in Syria

Damascus, SANA-Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar said local reconciliations, together with the Syrian army’s achievements, are the Syrian people’s guarantee for a future without terrorism.

Minister Haidar’s comments came during his meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Syrian expatriates in the US, Canada, Kuwait, UAE and other countries.

Haidar said Western countries, especially the US, have contributed to the spread of terrorism by imposing economic sanctions on the Syrian people, pointing out that the terrorist threats facing Western states are an “inevitable outcome” of the policies of their governments and their lack of a clear strategic vision.

haidar 2

He criticized the West’s double standards in dealing with terrorism.

The delegation members, for their part, expressed readiness to clarify facts regarding the situation in Syria, voicing trust in the Syrian state’s firm principles in fighting terrorism, pushing ahead with reconciliations and launching the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.


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