SANA and Sputnik sign cooperation agreement

Moscow, SANA – The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and Russia’s Sputnik news and radio agency, which is part of the Russian federal government’s Rossiya Segodnya news agency, signed on Monday an agreement on developing bilateral cooperation in the field of journalism that serves to enhance the bonds of friendship and partnership between the Syria and Russia.

The agreement was signed in Moscow on Monday by Director-General of SANA Ahmad Dawa and the general manager of the Rossiya Segodnya Dmitry Kiselev.

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During the signing ceremony, Dawa thanked Rossiya Segodnya for organizing and holding the forum “New era of journalism: Goodbye to Typical Press” with SANA’s participation, saying ”We have agreements on cooperation with many of the Russian press establishments, and we consider the agreement signed today to be the pinnacle this cooperation,” affirming that it should not be limited to what is written on papers, rather it should exceed it to full cooperation in the practical field, noting that cooperation between the two sides existed even before signing the agreement, and voicing readiness to develop it further later.

Dawa conveyed the Syrian people’s thanks for the support they receive from the Russian people, government, and leadership in combating terrorism, emphasizing confidence in Syria’s victory thanks to the efforts and patience of the Syrian people, the steadfastness of the Syrian leadership, and support of Syria’s friends including Russia.

In Turn Kiselev said “through the words of Dawa, we feel the prevailing atmosphere in Syria, and we become sure that the Syrian press is helping in achieving victory over terrorism. Press during wars is different from press during peace, so we fully understand what is happening in Syria.”

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Kiselev expressed happiness for signing the agreement which will allow developing relations in the future.

The agreement signed between SANA and Sputnik includes developing media space, providing professional and objective coverage for all political, economic, humanitarian, and sports fields, and enhancing mutual understanding and rapprochement between the Syrian and Russian people.

Each party pledges to provide all possible assistance to journalists from the other party in both countries, to make every effort to meet the needs of the other party regarding accessing information and services in the field of media, and to organize joint media activities.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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