Homs Governor: complete solution to al-Waer neighborhood is near

Homs, SANA –Homs Governor, Talal al-Barazi, stressed on Wednesday that the province is at the threshold of finding a complete solution to the al-Waer neighborhood after understandings were reached during the past weeks.

In a statement to reporters following his meeting with prominent figures of al-Waer neighborhood, the governor said, “There are sides in al-Waer neighborhood from the armed groups that are always the cause of hampering solutions from being reached.”

He expressed confidence that the majority of al-Waer neighborhood wish to reach a final solution and reconciliation.

Al-Barazi added that the objective of the periodical meetings with the residents of al-Waer neighborhood is discussing service issues and basic humanitarian needs, stressing that the province will seek to ease some pressures the residents are suffering from.

In turn, al-Waer prominent figures expressed hope that security and stability can be restored to the neighborhood and the armed groups will leave the neighborhood as soon as possible.


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