A legal committee: Erdogan’s government has to compensate for damage caused to industrial facilities

Damascus, SANA- The legal committee in charge of preparing the necessary judicial files for the prosecution of terrorist organizations that stole industrial facilities from Syria and transferred them to Turkey said in its first report that the Turkish government represented by Rajab Tayyip Erdogan must compensate for the damage that the owners of the affected facilities suffered which is estimated at more than USD 5.2 billion.

In a statement by the Justice Ministry of which SANA received a copy, the ministry said that the committee which was established in 2015 concluded in its first report that according to witnesses’ accounts, the armed terrorist gangs came to the stolen facilities and factories by cars, some of which have Turkish car plates and some members of these gangs were wearing military uniforms and spoke in Turkish, dismantled the facilities and put them in cars carrying them towards the Turkish borders.

The Committee held several meetings during which it received a number of requests from the owners of the facilities including data about the names of these facilities, the names of their owners, the value of the stolen goods and the value of the damage caused by the theft.

The report explained: “Since Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the head of the Turkish regime, he is personally responsible for these crimes and the Turkish government represented by him is responsible for compensating for the damage caused to the Syrian government and the owners of those facilities, thus a penal lawsuit should be filed against him as well as a civil lawsuit against the Turkish government”.

The committee emphasized that the Syrian judiciary is concerned with following the case since the crimes were committed on the Syrian territories.

According to the report, the value of the damage caused to the owners of the facilities which numbered 37 is estimated USD 5.295.417 billion.

This report will be followed by other reports after receiving new complaints about thousands of other stolen facilities.

The Committee which was established by a decision by the Ministry of Justice in 2015 includes representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Industry, Chamber of Industry and Chamber of Commerce in Aleppo.

It is aimed at preparing the judicial files to prosecute any person who contributed to the theft of the industrial facilities from Aleppo and Idleb provinces and transferring them to the Turkish territories or stealing the industrial facilities from Aleppo, Idleb, Raqqa, Deir-Ezzor and Hasaka, particularly the Turkish government.

Qabas/ Manal

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