Al-Zoubi: Syria committed to seeking political solution to end crisis

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister Omran al- Zoubi said that Syria is committed to seeking a political solution to end the crisis in the country and that the military option is the most effective to confront the armed terrorist organizations and eliminating them.

During a meeting with member of the Executive Committee and the International Relations Committee in the Communist Party of Spain Francisco Frutos Gras and member of the Central Committee of the Living Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia( PSUC viu) Edwardo Luque Guerrero, al-Zoubi pointed out that the project which was drawn by the United States with some European and Arab countries to break up and sabotage Syria has failed thanks to Syria’s unity and cultural diversity.

Al-Zoubi added that the Russian participation in Syria’s war against terrorism came at the right time, noting that Syria was able to expose all the media that tried to distort facts and mislead the world public opinion.

For his part, Gras said that what happened in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Egypt is an aggressive war aimed at controlling the region and stealing its resources, noting that the US, France and Britain used tools to implement their plans in the region, such as Saudi Arabia which funded terrorists and Turkey which allowed them to cross into Syria.

Gras added that what is happening in Syria is a threat not only to the region but to the entire world, pointing out that he is working in cooperation with more than one party to clarify the reality of what has happened in it and to refute the lies published by Arab and foreign media establishments that aim at undermining the Syrian state, adding that Spain is linked by ancient historic relations to Syria and that he will work during the coming period to improve those relations.

In turn, Guerrero strongly criticized the terrorist and media war against Syria, saying that he has been working to explain and clarify the reality of what is happening in Syria by organizing media activities on the European level.

Guerrero pointed out that it is planned in coordination with the European Parliament to organize a visit to Syria by European parliamentarians to contribute to peace and security in this country and to rebuild it.

Gras and Guerrero are currently visiting Syria. On Tuesday, they met Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.

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