Information Minister: Terrorist attacks in Aleppo are war crimes

Damascus, SANA – The terrorist attacks targeting Aleppo for days now are considered war crimes, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said on Thursday.

“What has happened in Aleppo over the past days of terrorist rocket and sniper shooting attacks is considered a real war crime that needs no further proof or evidence,” al-Zoubi stressed in remarks to the Syrian TV channel over the phone.

This focus on Aleppo comes as part of a project fomented by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other terrorism-sponsoring forces, he added

He pointed to the possibility that internationally-banned lethal weapons have been used by the terrorist organizations against the locals in Aleppo city, noting that this issue is being verified now.

Commenting on claims that a hospital in al-Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo was hit in air strikes, the Information Minister reaffirmed that neither the Syrian army nor the forces supporting it hit any hospital in the mentioned neighborhood because there is no hospital there.

He made it clear that it is the duty of the state and army to respond to the terrorist attacks. “There can no longer be room for patience or silence on these crimes that are targeting the Syrians indiscriminately,” added al-Zoubi.

H. Said

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