Parliament Speaker and Foreign Minister discuss latest political developments with Algerian Minister

Damascus, SANA_ Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohamad Jihad Al-Laham discussed on Monday with Algerian Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel the latest political developments in the region, the
situation of the terrorist war against Syria and the unfair economic blockade imposed on Syrian people for more than five years.

Laham affirmed that countries of the region have a joint will to combat terrorism which has been supported and financed by some Arab and regional regimes in a service of the Israeli occupation entity and its colonial project, hailing Algerian
pan-Arab stances as well as its stand by the Syrian people and in their defense of the Syria’s unity and national independent decision.

The Syrian-Algerian relations should be promoted in different domains, the Speaker focused, pointing out the necessity of continuing coordination between the two countries in the Arab and international forums for the interest of the two brotherly peoples.

Al-Laham affirmed that Syria insists on the option of political solution among the Syrian people away from the foreign interferences, alongside with the continuation of the war against terrorism.

For his part, Algerian Minister indicated that what Syria suffers nowadays from the Takfiri terrorist waves, his country has already been subject to and it is our duty to support Syria in facing the terrorist organizations which constitute a threat to the whole countries of the region.

Minister Messahel re-affirmed Algeria’s support for Syria’s unity, independence and sovereignty over all national land and backing the political solutions and the exerted efforts of the Syrian government regarding the national reconciliation.

Al-Moallem:  Syria, Algeria confronted similar challenges of terrorism and foreign meddling

Means of boosting Syrian-Algerian ties and the need for upgrading cooperation on all levels were the focus of talks held Tuesday between Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem and Algerian Minister for Maghreb Affairs, African Unity and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel and the accompanying delegation.

The two sides reviewed the outcomes of the follow-up committee convened over the past few days with stress put on the importance of enhancing economic cooperation to serve the interests of both countries.1

Al-Moallem said that Syria and Algeria have confronted similar challenges starting with fighting foreign occupation, gaining independence and preserving the national unity, and the last of which combating terrorism and its supporters and facing foreign interventions which target the independent national decision and undermine the unity and stability of the interests of Syrian and Algerian peoples.

He stressed the Syrian leadership and people’s standing by Algeria to face all terror threats, reiterating Syria’s support to the peoples’ right to determine their future without any foreign interference.

For his part, Messahel, who chairs the Algerian delegation to the Syrian-Algerian Committee for Economic Cooperation, reiterated his country’s solidarity and support to Syria in the current circumstances, indicating that popular and governmental steadfastness is the only way to defeat terrorism and that the national reconciliation is the guarantee to preserve Syria’s strength, unity and independence.

He expressed hope that security and stability will be restored to Syria soon.



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