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Syria renews call on UN to condemn Israeli government’s holding meeting in occupied Syrian Golan

New York, SANA, Syria renewed its call for the UN and the Security Council to immediately intervene to condemn the Israeli occupation government’s holding a provocative meeting in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The charge d’affaires interim of the permanent mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations in New York, Minister Counselor Mounzer Mounzer, said in Syria’s statement, during a session of the Security Council over “the situation in the Middle East”, that today’s briefing of the Secretary General which did not include a clear condemnation of this Israeli step, although nobody can doubt its illegality and that it violates the UN Charter and resolutions related to the occupied Syrian Golan, has harmed us.

“We are expecting the secretariat general be consistent with the principles and objectives of the UN and consequently issue a clear condemnation in this regard, since not condemning it (this step) would send a wrong message to Israel that the UN turns a blind eye or support its illegal acts in the occupied Syrian Golan”, Mounzer added.

The Syrian diplomat affirmed that what the government of occupation has done reflects the reality of its disobedience of the International Law and disrespect of the UN resolutions ahead of them the Security Council’s resolution 497 which considers Israeli decision of imposing its laws, authorities and management over the occupied Syrian Golan as null, void and contradicts the international law.

Mounzer added that he is mistaken whoever thinks that the crisis in Syria may align us from our inalienable right to the restoration of the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 4th, 1967, reaffirming that such a right is not subject to compromises or negotiations and does not drop by time and the Israeli illegal measures would not change anything in it, and this was clear in stances of our people in the occupied Syrian Golan who affirmed yesterday that the visit of Netenyahoo and his government would not change their position but rather as the previous occupiers were expelled from Syria, Golan will be liberated sooner or later from Israeli occupation.

Mounzer affirmed that Israel would be accountable and legally charged for all the violations it commits in the occupied Syrian Golan whether regarding its settlement, racist policies, stealing Golan’s natural resources including oil and water, its support for the armed terrorist groups in the disengagement area or for the arbitrary detention of Syrians under occupation ahead of them freedom fighter Sedqqi al-Maqet, Bashira Mahmoud, Amal Abu Saleh and Iyad al-Jawhry together with other sound violations of the international law, Geneva accords and UN resolutions.

Syria’s statement shouldered the UN and its member states historical, moral and legal responsibility towards putting an end to the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands and the establishment of an independent sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital together with the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their land in accordance with the international resolution 194.

This occupation has been there for decades accompanied by Israeli systematic and documented violations of the International Law and the Human Rights Law and the Security Council failed to shoulder its responsibilities and “we did not see any real and serious international movement in this regard for the reason ; that is clear to everyone; which is the blind support of some influential states in this Council to Israel that let it believes it is insulated from accountability so it stressed on imposing occupation as a de facto and went too far in its racial, aggressive and settlement policies”, Syria’s Charge d’affairs elaborated.

Mounzer indicated the big increase of Israeli activities where the Israeli settlement areas were increased during the last two decades by 182 percent and the number of settlers by 189 percent, pointing out that according to reports “the number of establishing new housing units’ projects in the West Bank has doubled three times during the first third of this year compared to the same period of the last one.

The situation in the Occupied Syria Golan is not less dangerous than the West Bank, since Israel is continuing its settlement policies to devote its occupation of Golan by expanding settlement construction, granting financial awards to bring in settlers like the projects “Come to Golan” or what is known as “Farms project”, Mounzer said.

He pointed out what has been recently uncovered of a plan to establish 18 new neighborhoods in the occupied Golan when what is called “head of regional council for Golan settlements” impudently said that this council is preparing to take 1500 new Jewish family in Golan settlements.

The Syrian diplomat stressed that settlement is not only a war crime but rather an Israeli systematic policy to impose a de facto situation which undermines the opportunities of realizing peace in the region and establishing a geographically connected and viable Palestinian state and devotes occupation.

“Some states in the Security Council say settlement is illegal and should be stopped, but those countries have never taken one single position to stop increasing settlement campaigns as well as they never used any serious pressure against Israel in this regard, on the opposite they hinder the Security Council from taking any procedure to stop settlement and put an end to the occupation” Mounzer said.

“If we want to preserve what is left of the UN credibility, to prevent war opportunities and enhance peace in our region, the UN should stop dealing with Israeli occupation for the Arab lands in a routine and ceremonial way without any serious move which results in real outcomes on the ground”, the Syrian statement said.

“The UN and the Security Council should take practical procedures to guarantee full implementation of the international resolutions relevant to the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands, particularly resolutions 242, 338 and 497 and oblige it to fully withdraw from the Occupied Syrian Golan to to the line of June 4th, 1967, ” Mounzer said.

The Syrian diplomat concluded by saying that he would not respond to meaningless claims and charges of some delegations against Syria, affirming that Syria had a lot to refute the claims of delegates representing states that support, host and arm terrorists as well as spread extremism and sabotage in Syria and spare no effort to foil any peaceful solution to the crisis by intervening in Syria’s internal affairs.

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