Syrians in Warsaw and Sofia celebrate Independence Day

Warsaw, Sofia, SANA, Syrians in Poland and Bulgaria staged solidarity stands with Syria marking the 70th anniversary of the Independence Day (April 17th).


In Warsaw, Syrian students and community organized a solidarity stand with the homeland together with some Polish friends, where Charge d’affairs Idris Maya affirmed that the independence was a result of a long struggle against the French Occupation, expressing confidence that the Syrian people will defeat terrorism in the war waged against the country as they defeated the French occupiers.

In turn, Ghaydaq Hasan, the head of Poland branch of the National Union of Syrian Students said that Syrian students stand with the Syrian army in the same trench for defending the homeland.

In Sofia, Syrian community celebrated the occasion together with other Arab communities in Bulgaria.


Mohammad Ibrahim, Head of the Syrian Community hailed the sacrifices of the elder generations who expelled the French occupiers and preserved Syria’s dignity.

He said that the Syrian army is defending the country and will defeat terrorism.

Barry/ Ghossoun

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