Lavrov: Russian aerospace operations in Syria helped create condition for inclusive Syrian dialogue

Lavrov: Russian aerospace operations in Syria helped create condition for inclusive Syrian dialogue

Ulan Bator, SANA- Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov considered that the Russian aerospace operations in Syria helped create conditions for pushing forward the comprehensive Syrian dialogue.

“Thanks to Russian aviation operations in Syria, favorable conditions were created to proceed with inclusive intra-Syrian dialogue and an actual peace process in the interests of providing a political settlement to the crisis under the auspices of the UN and in the interests of keeping Syria a united, whole, sovereign, and secular state,” Lavrov said while delivering a lecture at the Mongolian Foreign Ministry.

He added “We are hoping for results of the intra-Syrian dialogue that are being renewed in Geneva at the current time.”

In another context Lavrov focused on the recent series of terrorist attacks in many countries of the world, clarifying that “The continuing series of terror attacks throughout the world is a confirmation proving in the modern mutually dependent world any attempts to make special oases of security or walls in hopes to hedge off the alarming neighbors are doomed to failure.”

He continued to say “Unfortunately, the international community has not managed to make a timely repulse to terrorism,” pointing out that the reason were the ambitions, the bad practice of geopolitical engineering, the dividing of terrorists into those bad and those who could be used in own interests.”

Lavrov stressed that the attempts “to push own interests, to insist on unification of own values and models, including by force, are bound to bring poor results,” highlighting that “Actions of the kind have caused a vacuum of power in several countries in the Middle East and in northern Africa, and what was used immediately by terrorists of the so-called Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra also outlawed in Russia and other terrorist groups.”

Lavrov said “Russia and the US today continue rather active cooperation,” adding “As co-chairs of the International Group of Syria Support, we have managed to agree a roadmap for the settlement, managed to expand the humanitarian access to the people there, who need it, and have provided for beginning of a political process.”

Lavrov pointed out that the latest visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Moscow shows that the United States needs the support of Russia and cooperation with it in solving major international issues, clarifying that “The West realizes step by step that it is impossible to isolate Russia which has consistently called on the US partners to build steady and transparent cooperation on an equal basis.”

” We hope the Russian-US relations will return to the normal trajectory,” he said, affirming that “Russia does not seek confrontation with the US, nor with NATO or the European Union, and it has never initiated a confrontation of the kind.”

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