Russian Defense Ministry: Cooperation between Turkish regime and ISIS proved by documents

Moscow, SANA- Russian defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashinkov said that the relation between the Turkish regime and ISIS terrorist organization is proved with evidence which is confirmed again by press reports.

Konashinkov explained that a few months ago, the Russian defense ministry presented irrefutable evidence about the involvement of Turkey and its leadership in organizing the stealing of oil from Syria and providing terrorists with arms and ammunition.

Investigations made by Russian RT TV channel proved again that the Turkish regime is directly involved in funding and training international terrorists who are active in Syria, Konashinkov added, pointing out that the striking evidence of this involvement in robbing the wealth of Syria will increase with the advance achieved by the Syrian army and the defeat of ISIS terrorists.

An RT channel team visited al-Shaddadi, Qamishli and Tal Abiyad in Hasaka countryside after expelling ISIS terrorists from these areas and gathered evidence that reveal the relationship between the organization and Turkey, especially about Turley allowing the terrorists and mercenaries to come to Syria from all over the world with their passports.

Qabas/ Manal

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