People’s Assembly discusses performance of Agriculture Ministry

Damascus, SANA-The members of People’s Assembly called for setting the prices of strategic agricultural crops before each season and finding effective mechanisms for marketing the crops in domestic and foreign markets, especially citrus from the Syrian coast.

During a People’s Assembly session on Wednesday attended by Agriculture Minister Ahmad al-Qadiri, the Assembly members called for continuing supporting farmers and livestock breeders, providing them with production requirements for both plant and animal, and offering financial support to them, in addition to providing the requirements for harvesting crops and preparing reception centers for them in all areas.

The members pointed out to the rising prices of animal products in the local markets, which calls for providing the requirements of livestock production, mainly feed and veterinary supplies.

They also called for buying wheat and cotton crops from farmers at good prices that take into account the rising production costs, as well as providing compensation to farmers affected by terrorism, and investing in agricultural lands in the areas that the army has secured.

Minister al-Qadri addressed the members’ queries, affirming that the economic committee agreed on pricing the agricultural crops before the beginning of each seasons, starting from the current season.

He added that the Ministry has a future plan for developing the livestock sector which has been affected by terrorism, pointing out that the Ministry is still distributing free vaccines and feed to livestock breeders.

He explained that the increase in some agricultural products’ prices is caused by the interval between each batch of the crops in question during a year, adding that steps are being taken to address this issue.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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