15 breaches of cessation of hostilities by terrorist organization during the past 24 hours

Moscow, SANA – The past 24 hours witnessed 15 new breaches of the cessation of hostilities in Syria by terrorist organizations, the head of the Russian Center for coordination and monitoring of the cessation of hostilities, Gen. Sergey Koralenko said in a statement on Sunday.

According to Koralenko, the 15 breaches were monitored on Sunday in the countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Daraa and Idleb in the ninth day of the cessation of hostilities, which started in implementation of the Russian-US agreement which was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council on February 26 in accordance to resolution No. 2268.

Koralenko pointed out that ISIS terrorists in Turkey are preparing to launch an attack on al-Qamishli city near the Turkish border, adding that terrorists from ISIS are currently stationed near the Turkish town of Nusaybeen which lies 1.5 km from the Syrian border and are preparing for an attack on Qamishli city.

He also said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists fired on Sunday mortar shells on the Turkish territories to force the Turkish army to shoot towards the Syrian territory and send troops to Syria, warning that it will lead to disrupting the process of cessation of hostilities.

Koralenko pointed out that terrorist groups in Daraa are putting up roadblocks and stopping cars of civilians, threatening them that they will be killed unless they participate in combat activities.

The Russian Center announced on Saturday that nine breaches of the cessation of hostilities were registered including six breaches in Aleppo province and one in each of Damascus, Lattakia and Daraa.

It should be noted that the cessation of hostilities in Syria does not include ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other organizations listed on the list of international terrorism.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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