Erdogan responsible for the war waged against Syria- Demirtas

Ankara, SANA- Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey Selahattin Demirtas affirmed that the Turkish regime of Recep Tayyib Erdogan supported all terrorist organizations in Syria to achieve his plans.
“The government of Ahmet Davutoglu seeks to protect ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations which both the Syrian Army and the popular defense units pursue to eliminate them in the framework of the United Nations resolutions and the US- Russian agreement, “Demirtas said in a mass protest for his party in Mersin city on Saturday.

Demirtas held Erdogan responsible for the war waged against Syria, criticizing his policies of trying to connect Syria with the new ” Ottoman Caliphate” which he attempts to establish since the beginning of the so called ” Arab Spring”.
Erdogan and Davutoglu don’t want peace and stability to be prevailed in Syria as they don’t want stopping fighting there, Demirtas affirmed.
HDP leader asserted the continuous work to overthrow the government of Justice and Development (AKP) which destroyed Syria, Turkey and the region for ridiculous dreams and projects.

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