US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar responsible for Geneva meeting failure- Al-Jaafari

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari asserted the allegations of the British and French ambassadors on hindering Geneva negotiation by the Syrian government are “mistaken , illusive and false,” pointing out that these two ambassadors belong to countries sponsor terrorism in Syria.

In a press conference following a closed session for the Security Council on the so called ” the humanitarian situation in Syria”, Al-Jaafari said ” there were many structural gaps in the substructure preparation for the indirect talks in Geneva, the main cause would be that those two countries deported the problem of the Saudi failure in Riyadh and the Jordanian failure in Amman to prepare two lists of who is opponent and who is terrorist to Geneva.”

“The failure of these two files have undermined Geneva talks,” Al-Jaafari said, adding ” US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are responsible for the failure of Geneva meeting because the beginning was wrong and because these countries didn’t respect the procedures that were agreed upon in accordance with the resolution no.2254.”

He affirmed “These countries basically don’t seek a political solution, therefore they instructed al-Riyadh opposition since arriving Geneva neither to engage in the indirect political talks nor to go to the headquarters of Staffan De Mistura.”

Al-Jaafari continued to say “The Special envoy told us in New York that what was claimed by the British and French ambassadors that he said the ‘Syrian government is responsible’ is lying and misleading.”

“Syria, as a whole is, under the siege of the same countries claiming at the Security Council to address the issue of the so called ‘siege’, the idiom that they have marketed,” al-Jaafari clarified, affirming that “who besiege Madaya, Zabadani, Daraya, Jubar and other areas are the terrorists positioned inside these areas not the government.”, while the Syrian army is trying to break the siege from outside or inside these areas.

He added “Of course, Neither the US nor the British and French ambassadors will convey this image, because they don’t want in the first place a political settlement in Syria in light of the military victory achieved by the Syrian Arab army, in cooperation with our Russian and Iranian allies, on the ground “.


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