Al-Halaqi highlights role of national media in conveying facts in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that services in Syria are not in their best shape, yet the government is seeking to secure as best as it can under the current conditions.

During a meeting with representatives of national media, al-Halaqi said that there is a decline in resources and potential compared to what Syria had before the war waged against it which led to a decrease in service and economic Indicators, pointing out that the rise in prices from which the citizens are suffering is a result of the unjust economic blockade, lack of planted areas and production requirements and terrorist attacks against factories.

Premier al-Halqi said that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection is working in cooperation with local community to catch offenders and monopolists.
Al-Halaqi considered that despite limited resources, the national media managed to confront media war over which billions of dollars were spent to cover terrorism that Syria witnesses.

Al-Halaqi stressed the role of media in presenting what is going on transparently, objectively and accurately, particularly the online media.

Al-Halaqi reviewed the economic, social and service conditions under the current circumstances.

In another context, al-Halaqi stressed that combating corruption continues in cooperation with media and local community.

Qabas/ Manal

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