Aleppo governor calls for greater engagement in national reconciliations

Aleppo, SANA-Aleppo governor Mohammad Wahid Aqqad said the governorate is serious about sparing no effort for making national reconciliations work out.

Addressing a crowd of dignitaries and locals from al-Safira city, Tal Aran and Tal Hassel areas in Aleppo, the governor said the locals of Aleppo will “remain unbowed by terrorism” hand in hand with the Syrian army until security and stability are restored.

Syria is the homeland that embraces all of its people and leaves the door forever open for those who strayed into wrongdoings to mend their ways, said the governor, calling for the engagement of every individual in the national reconciliations and vitalizing the role of civil society.

The dignitaries and locals, for their part, said national reconciliation “is the goal of every upright citizen who places the interest of the homeland above all else,” calling for giving the upper hand to logic and renouncing violence.

Director of Aleppo’s Awkaf (Religious Endowments) Abdul-Kader al-Shihabi said “mending fences is the best thing to do”, urging more work to differentiate between accurate Islam teachings and ” a warped interpretation that terrorist groups seek to spread.”

Responding to the demands of the locals who laid down their grievances and losses, the governor underscored interest in having their needs met, offering SYP 4 million in aid for improving services in al-Safira city, 1 million for Tal Hassel and 1 million for Tal Aran.

M. Ismael

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