Syria demands decisive action to stop Turkey’s violations

Damascus, SANA-Syria stressed that Turkey’s downing of a Russian plane in Syria is a “stab in the back of heroes who are fighting ISIS.”

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and Chief of the UN Security Council, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Turkey’s allegations that the Russian air force had violated its airspace are ” a desperate attempt to muddy the waters and falsify facts.”

The Turkish regime has not only supported terrorist organizations including ISIS in violation of UN resolutions, according to the letters, but went as far as direct involvement in military operations in support of the terrorist organization.

The Turkish involvement in Syria has taken on many forms, the letters added, including the provision of cover for the movements of terrorists inside Syria or on the Syrian-Turkish borders to help them infiltrate into the Syrian lands.

Turkey’s downing of the Russian plane inside the Syrian air space is self-explanatory, said the letters.

The ministry pointed to Turkey’s incitement of sectarianism and racism by allegedly raising the issue of protecting nationals of Turkish origins who are citizens of sovereign countries, describing it as an attempt to revive the colonial Ottoman heritage.

Turkey’s involvement, the letters added, has hit the Syrian refugees hard who fled the acts of terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and Al-Fateh Army only to find themselves preys to human-trafficking gangs which enjoy the covert support of Erdogan’s government.

The ministry added that Turkey has been using Syrian refugees on its lands for blackmailing European states financially, pushing them to migrate to Europe in successive waves of refugees.

The ministry concluded its letters by urging the international community to take a decisive action to stop Turkey’s violations.


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