SARC denounces terrorists’ use of one of its ambulances plate in Homs terrorist attacks

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) denounced on Monday terrorists’ use of one of  its ambulance plates to carry out a terrorist car bomb attack in al-Zahraa neighborhood in Homs  city , asserting that such practice aims to abuse the humanitarian work of the organization in  Syria.

The organization stressed, in statement, irresponsibility for using plates of the SARC’s ambulances
at Palmyra branch, pointing out that it hasn’t any information about the car since it was lost when
ISIS terrorist organization stormed Palmyra Last May.

The plate of the ambulance was used at another vehicle which blew up in al-Zahraa neighborhood and  it doesn’t belong to the organization, SARC added.

The bombing was carried out with a car packed with 150 kg of explosives that had been parked by the  terrorists in a street near a charity association and al-Ahli Hospital, claiming the lives of 16
people and wounding 54 others.

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