Syrian journalists support al-Manar TV

Damascus, SANA -A group of Syrian journalists staged a stand in front of the building of the Journalists Union in Damascus on Tuesday in solidarity with the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel.

The participants voiced rejection of the recent decision by the administration of the Saudi-controlled Arabsat to suspend the broadcast of al-Manar channel.

Khalaf al-Miftah, member of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party’s regional leadership said that Arabsat decision is a failed measure, noting that it is not the first measure carried out by the forces of aggression which made and pushed Takfiri terrorists to this region since it is preceded by several other measures through targeting the Syrian media and journalists, stressing that “they will not be able to mislead public opinion despite the huge media that they own which failed to extinguish the flame of resistance and the spirit of confrontation that we have.”

Al-Miftah called for the establishment of a wide media system and the possession of technology and knowledge, affirming that al-Manar channel will be stronger and more effective because it reflects the truth and expresses the pulse of its audience.

For his part, Chairman of the Syrian Journalists Union Elias Murad said in an a statement during the stand that such a measure adds to other measures that reflect the subordination of Arabsat administration to the Saudi political decision, explaining that these malicious acts express the fact of the conflict in the region between media and forces that confront the Zionist aggression and its followers and another media that stands by the enemy and incites terrorism.

Murad said that this stand is the simplest expression of the unity of the battle for freedom, calling on the organizations that are interested in press and media freedoms to put pressure on those establishments to change their decisions and respect the rights of people and to listen to the opinion and the other opinion.

In turn, Director of Al-Manar channel’s office in Syria Wael al- Mawla expressed appreciation for the position of Syrian media which denounced the act of Arabsat, affirming that Arabsat and those who stand by it will not be able to stop broadcasting Al-Manar TV which has a firm position in supporting the Palestinian and Arab issues and countries of the axis of resistance.

Arabsat administration, which implements the policy of the Saudi regime, has stopped the broadcast of many TV channels that are not in line with that policy.

Qabas/ Manar/ Manal

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