More terrorist positions hit in army airstrikes

Provinces, SANA – The Syrian air force continued conducting sorties targeting terrorists’ positions in various areas, eliminating their gatherings and destroying their vehicles.

Damascus countryside 

An army unit expanded its control to the east of Damascus-Homs Highway in Harasta and established control on farms located on the road connecting Nour al-Sham school and Douma , seizing a net of tunnels and trenches in the area.

In Qalamoun, the army air force targeted and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations and killed and injured a number of terrorists.

Field sources told SANA reporter that the army advanced further in the eastern al-Ghouta, killing over 10 terrorists and destroyed machinegun-equipped vehicles.

The army also targeted terrorists in a number of areas in Douma, Zamalka and daraya, killing more than 14 terrorists and destroying their weaponry and munitions.


The army’s air force destroyed a number of terrorists’ vehicles and headquarters in al-Qaryatain and al-Hazm al-Sharqi in the countryside of the central Homs province, a military source said.

Hama/ Idleb

More than 60 terrorists killed

The army destroyed a convoy of vehicles, equipped with heavy machine guns, between Sinjar and Tal Halawa in Idleb countryside.

The army’s air force destroyed a tunnel and three vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns and kills 16 terrorists on al-Salamiyeh/Aidoun road in the eastern countryside of Hama province.

Earlier, the army targeted Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ hideouts in Khan Sheikhoun in Idleb province, killing 4 terrorists, including Khaled Adnan, field sources said on Tuesday.

13 other terrorists were also killed, among them was Ahmad Abdel-Ghafour, Abdel-Karim Shneiqan, Jihad Abu al-Fida, in al-Najiyeh town and Jisr al-Shughour city, according to the sources.

An army unit targeted terrorists’ sites in al-Tamanaa town in the southern countryside of the province, killing 3 terrorists, including Khaled Dayyoub.

In the central Hama province, an army unit killed at least 10 terrorists after targeting hideouts of “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” in Kafr Zeita town 38 km north of Hama city, a military source told SANA.

Meanwhile, field sources said the terrorists Faisal al-Hassan and Abdel Karim al-Fadel were among the dead, adding that 3 cars carrying weapons and ammunition were also destroyed.

An army unit destroyed two ISIS terrorists’ cars loaded with weapons and ammunition in the surroundings of Abu Hanaya village in the eastern countryside of Salamiyeh city.

The field sources also spoke of the death of 2 terrorists from the so-called “Liwa al-Fatihin” and the destruction of a mortar depot in Qarqour town in the northwestern countryside of the province.

Two vehicles, one equipped with a 14.5 mm machinegun, belonging to terrorists from the so- called “Al-Izza Battalions and Brigades Gathering” and “Jund al-Aqsa” were destroyed, with 12 terrorists killed, in al-Latameneh and Lahaya al- Sharqiyeh villages.

A terrorist leader named Ahmad Ibrahim al-Mousa was identified amogn the dead, in addition to the terrorist Fadi al-Naasan.

Meanwhile, the army’s air force carried out sorties on the sites of the terrorist organizations in al-Latamneh, Kafr Zeita, Kafr Nabouda in the northeastern countryside of Hama province.

A number of terrorists’ dens, positions and vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machinegun, arms and equipment were destroyed in the army’s airstrikes in the aforementioned areas.

The army air force also destroyed a tunnel and 3 vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns on al-Salamyeh-Aydoun road in Hama eastern countryside, killing 16 terrorists and injuring other 19.


The army’s air force launched strikes against hideouts and vehicles of ISIS terrorists in Sharbaa, Jarouf and Hmeimeh in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province near Kuwairis Airport from the northern part, a military source said.

Gatherings of terrorists were targeted by army airstrikes in Rasm al-Abd, Hazazeh and Tal Ayoub in the eastern countryside, according to the source.

The army destroyed gatherings and vehicles equipped with different machineguns for the terrorist organizations in the villages of Najara and Beijan in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

Terrorists were also targeted in the villages of Kefrnaha and al-Mansoura, in the western countryside of Aleppo province.

Army units targeted hideouts and positions for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in Tal Hadyeh and on Aleppo International Road in Aleppo southern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and equipment.

An army unit destroyed positions for the Takfiri terrorist organizations and their supply lines from the Turkish side in Ain al-Baida village in Aleppo northern countryside.

In Aleppo city, the army operations targeted Jabhat al-Nusra positions in the neighborhoods of al-Lairamoun, Bani Zaid, al-Naanaei, Karm al- Daadaa, Jameiyet al-Zahraa, Bustan al-Basha, al-Ashrafiyeh, Salah Eddin turnabout and al-Omran.


Army units targeted Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists to the northeast of al-Ghizlan farm in the northwestern countryside of the southern Daraa province.

Another army unit destroyed a vehicle for terrorists and damaged another one to the north of Atman town, 5 km north of Daraa city.

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