Syrian tribal leaders pledge allegiance to homeland’s unity

Damascus, SANA – Syrian tribal leaders and chieftains asserted that the Syrian tribes and clans will continue to live up to their reputation as “the first bulwark in defending the homeland’s dignity, unity and territorial integrity against terrorism.”

The tribal leaders, who wrapped up the activities of a conference held at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus on Thursday, said they will disown” anyone inside Syria or abroad who fail to do their job to preserve the homeland.”

Applauding the sacrifices of the Syrian army in the war against terror, the leaders said the Syrian tribes will work hand in hand with the army to vanquish terrorism.


The attendees congratulated the Syrian people for a successful constitutional achievement that resulted in President Bashar al-Assad winning June 3 presidential elections, calling on fellow tribal leaders across the region to “stand shoulder to shoulder against ill-meaning conspirators.”

Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar, who was there at the conference, said any activity being organized in Syria “presages a new throb of life”.

Commenting on a worsening situation in Iraq which saw large swaths of territory fall to extremists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Haidar described the evolving situation there as “dire”, with the “gravest thing ever”, according to the minister, being the utter silence over the situation in Palestine.

Haidar, meanwhile, commended the Syrian state “which remained a father, patron and protector of the Syrian family” and abstained from becoming party in a confrontation.

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Citing a victory that Syria has achieved thanks to a steadfastness of ” a trio represented by the Syrian people, army and state,” the minister said that Syria has managed to remain “unconfined to the narrow bounds of sectarianism and tribalism.”

Meanwhile, the minister draw a comparison between ISIS and Israel, both of which, he says, “are a garb that weak and conspiring regimes hide under for shifting balances and scoring gains.”

The minister struck an optimistic note as he spoke about an “imminent victory awaiting the Syrians” which he attributed to “their unity and holding up national reconciliation as a national program.”

M. Ismael

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