Lavrov: Terrorism in Middle East linked to foreign interference

Moscow, SANA – Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said the emergence of terrorism and extremism in the Middle East and North Africa is greatly linked to the foreign interference in these regions.

In a speech during the 38th General Conference of the UNESCO on Friday, Lavrov stressed that terrorism is of Russia’s great concern as terrorists are on a blood spree against civilians and are distorting the real image of Islam.

He highlighted that all these events were the result of undermining the state institutions in a number of countries in the region due to foreign interference and irresponsible attempts to impose and implement geopolitical changes without bearing in mind the region’s traditions and historical heritage.

Lavrov warned against the migration of Christians from the region as it could threatens the balance of the religions and sects in the region.

Later on, after his meeting with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, Lavrov told reporters that Russia hopes that after repelling terrorists from the archeological sites in Syria, the UNESCO will send expert archeologists to assess the situation there, adding that the cultural and historical heritage in Aleppo, Palmyra and other areas in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq is a mutual heritage for all mankind.

On a relevant note, Lavrov and US State Secretary John Kerry discussed in a phone called issues related to settling the crisis in Syria and combating terrorism in the Middle East.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the call, which was initiated by the US side, discussed issues related to the international efforts for launching a political settlement in Syria through launching a negotiation process between the Syrian government and the opposition.

The two sides also discussed combating ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the region.

Mohammad Nassr/Manal

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