Moscow: Russian airstrikes in Syria target terrorists’ infrastructure positions, not regions

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov asserted Thursday that the statements of various US officials give the impression that the location of terrorists’ positions is most guarded US state secret, because they often mention terrorist positions but they never say where these positions are actually located.

Konashenkov refuted US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s claimes, in a Congress session, that major part of the Russian strikes in Syria were aimed not against terrorists,reiterating that the Russian strikes in Syria are conducted “not against regions, but terrorists’ infrastructure”, Russian Sputnik News reported.

He reminded that the Russian Defense Ministry had officially handed over comprehensive information with detailed maps to the military attachés of the alliance led by the US concerning the positions and areas controlled by the terrorists in Syria, adding that those information “provided by us were not refuted by the State Department or the Pentagon”, Konashenkov added.


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