Turks cast ballots in early Parliamentary elections

Ankara, SANA – Turkish voters headed to the polls in parliamentary elections on Sunday after the Justice and Development party (AKP) negotiations to form a coalition government with the opposition following an inconclusive vote in June fell apart.

The elections come after the AKP failed to retain the overwhelming majority in parliamentary polls in June 2015.

In June’s election, AKP was unsuccessful in its bid to turn Turkey into a presidential republic, which would have necessitated a two-thirds majority vote, as the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) managed to cross the 10-percent threshold and for the first time secure representation in Turkey’s parliament.

The elections come amid criticism against Turkish Regime Erdogan’s policies of authoritarianism, repression of his opponents and suppression of press freedom.

Few days before the elections, Erdogan’s gendarmerie closed oppositions’ TV stations, which moved Turkey researcher at the Human Rights Watch Organization Emma Sinclair-Webb to say Not since the days of the 1980 military coup have there been such dramatic moves to close down and prevent scrutiny of power.

Erdogans’ government attempted to suppress the popular protests against his government’s plans for the reconstruction of Taksim’s Gezi Park area where Scores of Turkish citizens were killed and injured during the protests, while the two terrorist explosions of Suruc and Ankara, more than 128 people died, left a wide
condemnation and holding Erdogan’s government the responsibility of the two

Erdogan’s reckless policies towards the issues of the region and his support to the terrorists, especially in Syria, influenced the popularity of his Party and received popular condemnation.

Erdogan’s corruption policies were also highlighted and condemned by his critics.

Meanwhile, Republican People’s Party (CHP) MPs directly accused the Turkish intelligence system of having close ties with the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), asserting that Erdogan was informed with all details of the activities of the ISIS members in Turkey.

In June elections, the AKP gained 40.81% of the votes , while the CHP gained 25.1% of the votes, the National Movement Party won 16.34% and the Democratic People’s Party ranked fourth with 13.5%.

H. Zain/ Barry

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